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We support artists responding to one of the most monumental technologies of our age; blockchain.

The Foundation for Art and Blockchain provides grants, documentation, consulting and other support to people and projects working at the intersection of blockchain and creativity.
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Get the crypto and support you need for your NFT project!

Funding your NFT can be a major hurdle, and knowing where to start can be a challenge. That's why we have grants and consulting to get you started.
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Artists Supported through the Mint Fund

Curatorial Audits
The Art Catalogue for Web3

We believe that the most enduring art throughout history is also the art that is best documented. With our curatorial audit program, we offer collectors a professional art catalogue available in both digital and physical formats through an NFT. 

Each audit contains a curatorial statement from leading academics and curators in new media, a deep dive on things like the techniques used by the artist, the zeitgeist of the artist, the blockchain where the art is registered, the primary sales platform, intellectual property classifications, sales history, and more. 

A portion of all audit sales go to the artist.

We are currently working on more audits and are taking requests from artists and collectors.

To learn more or request an audit of your favorite edition, exhibition, collection, or 1/1, please get in touch on twitter or discord.

A DAO for artists and collectors interested in making the world
a more beautiful and expressive place. Visit the DAO website or join
Discord for more information.
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Codex + Rare Ethereal Art Auction

FAB was launched in May 2018 by Codex Protocol and Rare Art Labs in conjunction with the Ethereal Summit at an auction which sold the world’s most expensive cryptokitty and other works of blockchain themed art.
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Ethereal Summit Arts Grant & Auction

The FAB co-sponsored three artist exhibitions at Ethereal Summit 2019 and partnered with Portion for the second annual Crypto Art Auction.

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